Awaken Int'l Ministries with Mari Tello

Deep Oceans Woman's Conference CD 

San Antonio, TX 2014

This CD is a two part teaching recorded in San Antonio, TX.  Teaching material covers what it means to go onto the "Deep Oceans" with God, How to go into the deep waters with God, and What is out in those deep places. This resource is filled with fresh revelation that will challenge you to go deeper with the Lord, so that you can discover new treasures He has for your life and how to maintain them!

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Length: 83 minutes

Publisher: AIM (2014)

Language: English

Basic Flag Teaching DVD

For Praise & Worship

Our Flag Team Ministry offers a DVD on Basic Flag Moves for Praise and Worship. This DVD has 17 basic flag moves and their meanings. If you want to learn more on flags and their use for praise and worship for yourself or for a flag ministry in your local church. This visual resource will equip you with the knowledge you need to begin. 

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Length: 9 minutes

Publisher: AIM (2013)

Language: English

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Larky the Lizard 

Larky The Lizard Meets The Giant Boy

Larky the Lizard Adventure Books are designed to entertain, educate and enlighten young people. Themes based on Biblical principles will teach children life lessons while engaging their imaginations as they explore the beautiful world God created.
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Product Details         Paperback: 48 pages         Publisher: AIM (August 30, 2012)         Language: English         ISBN-10: 0984718206         ISBN-13: 978-0984718207         Product Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 0.1 inches 
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Arise & Ascend

A Woman's Cry To Freedom (Has built in Bible Study)

IT'S TIME TO ARISE & ASCEND. With loads of distractions in today's world, it's quite simple for people to slip into a trap of false perception without realizing it. An untruth of where they may fit in and their purpose in life can quickly disrupt their mindset to settle for less than the wonderful plan God has for them. Unfortunately, while the high paced society of technology and information are expediently rising- God's abundant freedom, restoration and purpose that is always available to mankind is at an alarming low within their lives. Evidence of this can be seen through the condition of people. Numerous individuals are depressed, lonely and dissatisfied with their present lifestyle - far too many of them are women. In reference to women, why has there been a drastic decline of happiness, fulfillment, love and joy within their lives?

In this book, I will be exposing deception plots that have held back women from advancing in their God given purpose and will be sharing why now is the time for women to awaken to who they are in Christ, and explain how to undergo the transformation of change in order to lay hold of God's freedom, restoration, purpose and destiny for their lives. If you are a woman who desires to lay hold of God's premium for your life, then Arise & Ascend- A Woman's Cry To Freedom is for you.

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Product Details·         Softcover: 244 pages·         Language: English
ISBN-10: 1607910071
ISBN-13: 978-1607910077
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.7 inches
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